A Day at Jill’s House

At Jill’s House, each resident has a private apartment that is part of a small group we call a Neighborhood. Care Partners are Jill’s House team members who are a consistent part of each Neighborhood community. Residents know the Care Partners and the Care Partners know the residents and assist them with self-care, engagement projects, meals, laundry, and light housekeeping.

We focus on the things in life that are meaningful to individual residents so that each will experience a good, purposeful day.

Delicious and well balanced meals are prepared with residents’ input. Mealtime serves as an opportunity for companionship and conversation with friends and Care Partners. Residents can participate in meal and snack preparation in the community kitchen.

Our Great Room provides an opportunity to sit by the fire with friends and family and enjoy arts, entertainment, and fellowship.

In addition, there are smaller gathering areas for more intimate conversations with neighbors and guests. For example, our Chapel provides a quiet space for contemplation and expression of your spirituality.

The Loft is the place for activities that take a little more space, including art work, community projects, exercise, or larger group meetings. Residents continue doing what they love — sharing with others and learning new things.

A nurse is always present on site at Jill’s House. Our nurses assist with medications, sustaining wellness, and emergency care. They also coordinate skilled nursing or therapy services as needed.