Music & Memory at Jill’s House

Music & Memory

Grounded in extensive research, Music & Memory helps people living with cognitive and physical challenges find renewed joy in life through favorite music.

Our team works with each resident to choose music meaningful to her. That music is uploaded onto an iPod and so it is available to the resident whenever it is desired. This supports personal choice, identity, connectedness and enjoyment.

Not only is this personalized music available at choice, but we also use it as a means of socialization. Family, friends and care partners can listen to the residents’ music with them. This is a great way to spend quality time together and provides an opportunity to develop a new kind of relationship. We also use our playlists for engagement opportunities is ways like our Music & Memory Parties, where residents gather and share the music on their playlists.


Intergenerational Program

Music & Memory at Jill’s House has an intergenerational twist. We partner with Dr. Jennie Gubner, Professor of Ethnomusicology at Indiana University for this experience. As part of the Music & Memory course that Dr. Gubner teaches, students meet with individuals living at Jill’s House and their families to get to know them and most specifically their music preferences. The students set up iPods for the residents and teach them how to use the devices. They create  short films about their experience. We use Music &Memory to build bridges with the next generation. This makes our experience all the richer.

Jill’s House is a Music & Memory
Certified Care Organization