Meet the leadership team from left to right:

Heather Kinderthain B.S.W., joined Jill’s House at its second beginning in 2016 when it was re-purposed from a hospitality house where people created community while receiving cancer treatments at IU’s cyclotron. Heather has been supporting residents and their families in long term care settings since she graduated from IU in 1994. Heather’s main responsibility it to help residents with transitions. She can be reached by cell at 812-278-1072.

Kyla Brock, RCA, CTRS is the Director of Operations for Jill’s House. She joined the team in 2018. She found her passion for helping people living with Dementia when she began in long term care over 20 years ago. When her father was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia in 2006 she learned first-hand the challenges of navigating the health care system and the importance of providing support to people living with Dementia and their families. She can be reached at

Jan Bays, PT is the program developer. She created The Jill’s House Way and promotes it’s implementation. The Jill’s House Way is relationship-based care where each member has the opportunity to contribute. She used her decades of experience as a physical therapist along with her training and study under experts such as Dr, G. Allen Powers, Dr. William Thomas with the Eden Alternative, and Teepa Snow to name a few. She is involved with significant elder care reform organizations supporting the Culture Change movement such as the Pioneer Network and the Dementia Action Alliance (please add link from original website). She can be reached at

Robin Meadows, LPN is the wellness coordinator. She has been providing consistent and compassionate care to elders for over three decades. She joined Jill’s House at the beginning also. You can see her in action in the documentary “Revolutionizing Dementia Care”. Her patience and gentleness are unmatched. She is responsible for all of the personal care and medical attention that is provided at Jill’s House. She can be reached at 812-287-7962 or

Brandi Conder, CDM, CFPP is the Hospitality Specialist at Jill’s House. She also joined Jill’s House at it’s rebirth as Assisted Living with a specialty in Memory Care. She brings 14 years of experience and a passion for helping others. Brandi is responsible for the food and environment at Jills House. She is inspirational to her team and shares, “find your passion…once you’ve found that, you will find your purpose. I am so blessed to have found mine and be able to love our residents the way they deserve.” To reach her email or stop by the kitchen.


Staff Member

Stephanie joined the Jill’s House team in 2017.  She came to us an experienced Certified Nursing Assistant who loves helping people living with dementia.  She approaches everything with a deep desire to make things better.  You can always count on her to go above and beyond.  While at Jill’s House she has earned the outstanding caregiver recognition award through the Community Dementia Alliance and has earned her Qualified Medical Assistant license.  She has fulfilled many roles at Jill’s House and has picked up many shifts.  We are so happy she is a part of Jill’s House and wish her the best as she considers pursuing a degree in Nursing.   


We were so excited when Bette moved to Jill’s House on 1/24/20.  There are several other “Bettys” who live here and she quickly garnered the nickname “Lipstick Bette” .  Bette was born at her grandparents farm house in Kentucky.  She attended the University of Kentucky and got a job at I.U.’s office of International Services.  Her sons Steve, Brian, and Adam are her pride and joy.  She is a member of Arlington United Methodist Church. Oil Painting and music are here favorite hobbies.  You will find her at Jill’s House socializing with others or singing a long to the music.  Come visit her anytime (masks are still required for visitors).


Izzy Mandema is a Senior at Indiana University majoring in Community Health.  She began her internship at Jill’s House in January of 2022 and has quickly become an invaluable member of the Jill’s House Team.  During her time here she created an Olympics games program and implemented a variety of activities around this theme.  She also created an efficient covid guest screening procedure to streamline processes and reduce paper waste.  Every day she comes with a positive attitude, a hard working spirit, and a compassionate approach.  The staff and residents love her.   All this while maintaining a full classs schedule with a 4.0 G.P.A. and she is captain of the IU water polo team.  Jill’s House has been so fortunate to be blessed by Izzy’s many skills.  We will miss her terribly.  She plans to take the next year and work for the March of Dimes before pursuing her graduate degree in Public Health.